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Electric Flux And Gauss Law


A spherical conductor A contai...

A spherical conductor `A` contains two spherical cavities as shown in Fig.2.127. The total charge on conductor itself is zero . However , there is a point charge `q_(1)` at the center of one cavity and `q_(2)` at the center of the other cavity . Another charge `q_(3)` is placed at a large distance `r` from the center of the spherical conductor. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> Which of the following statements are true ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Charge `q_(3)` applies a larger force on the charge `q_(2)` than on charge `q_(1)`.Charge `q_(3)` applies a smaller force on the charge `q_(2)` than on charge `q_(1)`.Charge `q_(3)` applies equal force on both the charges.Charge `q_(3)` applies no force on any of the charges.

Answer : D
Solution : Charges outside cavity of a conductor have no influence on the field inside cavity.


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letter start with the question in this question but has been asked that a spherical conductor it contains two spherical cavity is this is shown in the figure the total charge on the conductor itself is zero so there is no conductor however there is a point charge Q at the centre so there is a point charge Q at the centre of 1 cavity and Q2 at the centre of the Other cavity so this is one cavity this is another cavity there is a charge Q is there is a charge Q to ok now another charge Q is placed at a larger distance so this is placed at a very large distance so there is no effect of induction on this from the centre of the circle conductor any to find which of the following statement is true that cutie cutie applies a force a larger for so basically it is all about the force on Q3 YouTube on cutu cutu so how to get into this so for example if there is a spherical cavity we know that if there is a spherical cavity let's this is a spherical cavity

there is the charge on the spherical cavity but the electric field inside for example if you are taking any point which is inside this point P is inside a spherical cavity inside the cavity is what is electric field inside a spherical cavity electric field inside would be equal to zero why would be equal to zero because if we know that by Gauss law is equal to what is it is equal to Q in close to inside / so if there is no chat inside so there for electric field inside a spherical cavity would be zero so it is known as electrostatic shielding it is known as electro electro static static shielding ok this is electrostatic shielding that is net electric field inside a inside a conducting sphere that would be = 20 so for example if this you through Q3 sorry 23 is trying to apply a force on this should you to this there would be any

there would be any effect of charge to the other on fuel on YouTube for that means net force net force on either q1f q111q one would be 0nf YouTube would be zero due to this cutie so what will be our correct option in this case that Q3 applies to force on any of the charge it don't apply any four so basically it is a type of electrostatic shielding Sofia understood this explanation thank you

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