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A solid sphere of mass M and r...

A solid sphere of mass M and radius R has a spherical cavity of radius R/2 such that the centre of cavity is at a distance R/2 from the centre of the sphere. A point mass `m` is placed inside the cavity at a distance R/4 from the centre of sphere. The gravitational force on mass `m` is


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`(11GMm)/(R^(2))``(14 GMm)/(R^(2))``(GMm)/(2R^(2))``(GMm)/(R^(2))`

Answer : C
Solution : Field strength is uniform inside the cavity. Let us find at its centre <br> `E_(T)=E_(R)+E_(C)` (T = Total, R = Remaining, C = Cavity) <br> `:. E_(R)=E_(T)-E_(C)` <br> `=(GM)/(R^(3))(R)/(2)-0=(GM)/(2R^(2))` <br> `:. F=mF_(R)=(GMm)/(2R^(2))`.


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