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A solid sphere of mass m= 500g...

A solid sphere of mass m= 500gm is rolling without slipping on a horizontal surface. Find kinetic energy of a sphere if velocity of centre of mass is 5 cm/sec


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

`35/2 xx 10^(-4) J``35/4 xx 10^(-4)J``35 xx 10^(-4)J``35 xx 10^(-3)J`

Answer : B
Solution : NA


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hello Vivah a solid sphere of mass 500 gram is rolling without slipping on a horizontal surface yet to find out the kinetic energy of the sphere if the centre of mass velocity is given 5cm per second if I take a solid sphere which is rolling on the ground and it must be having a angular velocity that will be goes to why are where R is the radius of the sphere it so that the point of contact will have the same velocity as that of ground so for that velocity is we then this velocity will be Omega are and the points should be having the velocity as that of B point which is the address by will write b is equals to b - 20 from this relation to the second thing is we want the kinetic energy of the system there will be to kinetic energy

translate plus rotational and translational we know that it is half and B square + rotational is half I omega square now you can just put the value of a normal and we know that the US for a solid sphere the eye is 2 by 5 Emaar square just put put that here in the question so I will write half m b square + 2 by 5 square V square b square this will get cancelled outsider will write to buy 10 + 5 by tens you can write two half is 5 B N seal get 7 b n a square is the total kinetic energy in the question mark is given as point 5 ke and the velocity is 0.05 M per second it is if you convert them into area you will divide it with

2008 point 5 kg and velocity will be 5 cm is divided by 100 this much metre per second just put these values have and will get the Kinetic energies I will write 7 by 10 into 10 into V square b square B 25 into 10 to the power 4 Sathish will become 10 to the power 4 ok now if you can see this will get cancelled out by 2 and this will be I feel right 35 by 4 into 10 to the power minus 4 Jewel as the total kinetic energy so now you can see the correct option help will be b35 by 4 into 10 to the power minus 4 June will be the total kinetic energy of the system thank you