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Class 11






Work, Energy And Power


A small mass m starts from res...

A small mass m starts from rest and slides down the smooth spherical surface of R. Assume zero potential energy at the top. Find <br> (a) the change in potential energy, <br> (b) the kinetic energy, <br> (c) the speed of the mass as a function of the angle made by the radius through the mass with the vertical.

Text Solution

Solution : In the figure `h = R (1 - cos theta)` <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> (a) As the mass comes down, potential energy will decrease. Hence, <br> `Delta U = - mgh = - mgR (1 - cos theta)` <br> (b) Magnitude of decrease in potential energy= increase in kinetic energy. <br> `therefore` Kinetic energy = `mgh = mgR(1-cos theta) ` <br> (c) `1/2 mv^2 = mgR (1 - cos theta) , v = sqrt(2 gR (1 - cos theta))`

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