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Class 12






Nta Neet Set 54


A sample of radioactive materi...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `T_(A) = 1/2hr, T_(B) = 1/4 hr, T_(A + B) = ((1)/(2) xx (1)/(4))/((1)/(2) + (1)/(4)) = 1/6 hr` <br> so, first `1/2 hr = 1` half live (by A) <br> next `1` hr = `4` half lives (by B) <br> thus `N = (N_(0))/(2^(R))` (`:.` Total light eight half lives)

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GK question is a sample of radioactive material TK simultaneously by two processes A and B with half life 1 by 2 and 1 by 4 are respectively for the first half hour indicates with the process is next one hour with the process B and for other half an hour with both A and B if originally gerbera and not nuclei find the number of nuclei after 2 hours of such decay and these are the given options we have a mausi we are having a radioactive material ok which is having which is which year is taken by the two processes and B with the half life of the half of a is one by two hours and behalf of bs1 by or ok now see for the first half an hour it is dealing with the process so if I talk

OT course 2020 poster of are so the process is the radioactive material is digging by the process a ok and for half an hour and see the half life of a is also for the process is also half hour means if I'm not is the Earth the initial nuclei then and not then I can say the n will be remaining would be invited to 1 by 2 ok see in half an hour and half of the samples will get the decade ok and the remaining would be and not my to only so that is and not by to now for the next one are you have tea equals to 1 by 2 hours till equal to 3 by 2 hours the process followed as the decay process followed it be ok and for b.e. we are having the Half-Life orbeez 1 by 4 8 ok so if I

calculate the number of half life cycle so that would be 1 divided by 14 so that is 4 cycles right now see after the process is completed in the first half an hour the remaining nuclear Ishwar and not by to so hair the remaining nucleus after 1 hour would be and not by to which were initially X 1 by 2 to the power the number of cycles for so the number of remaining liquid would be and not over to the power 5 after 3.2 years now in the third process we are using both a and b processes for the decay prompt equal to 3 by 2 hours to equal to 2 hours ok no see the remaining nuclei and not divided by 2 to the power 5 and also hear that effective would be how much

TF into of B / of A+ tfb away this theatre we are the half life of process A and B that is 1 by 2 into 1 by 4 divided by 2 + 1 by 4 this will come out to be equal to 1 by 86/8 this will come equals to 1 by 6 hours ok now if I find the number of cycles for this half an hour we will get one over 1 by 2 divided this is the time this is 3.2 to two word that is half an hour for half an hour divided by 1 by 6 this will give three cycles ok now we have the remaining number of nuclear should be initially as and not divided by 2 3 4 5 x 1 by 2 to the power number of cycles r32 this will come out to be

Ab To the power 8 nuclear is ok so this many nucleus will be remaining will remain there after the after 2 hours ok so from the given options we have a b c and d option is the correct answer thank you

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