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<img src="" width="80%"> <br> A ring disc and solid sphere are having same speed of COM at the bottom of incline as shown in the figure. If surface of incline is sufficiently rough. The ratio of height attend by ring, disc and sphere is

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : B


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this question we have given three days and solid sphere have I having the same it of Central mass at the bottom of the incline as shown in the figure this field at the surface of incline solution trailer is love for the purely the ratio of the height attained by ring this and the squares you have to find the ratio in which they reached at a certain height ok so we're doing this question with the some basic concept of rotation we are giving some option like that so we are writing this solution here solution is when it disc ring and a solid sphere is given a velocity control velocity V

then we consider this as a purely 1,000 pure rolling pure rolling V is equal to our Omega ok V is equal to R Meda and simply we can say that when the this this disc hair ring is going up what is kinetic total kinetic energy is converted into the potential energy so half m b square + half I omega square is equal to M G H so all have the this quantities same and this is different Saudia drink to do this

so we are just taking the I cold desert there is in terms of this is equal to km h square is a constant here any constant is that I need constant for it is there it is keys to buy 5 for bring it is one aur biscuit is half Sandesh bhej B can do this question so we're moving forward plastic this common here office common hai Tamil B square + I will take it i s r squared Omega as a

bi bi R to be scared by Oscar rascal rascal cancer ok there is a n g and H then we take the Amazon common here m square so half m b square there is one plus ki Iske to M.Com and AM cancel out there ok now hear what will happen Undertaker HSC dividing ji both side waise kya oneplus ke Bhai Bhai 2G is common for all the disc share and showcase

different by putting this key value we should know about the moment of inertia of disc everybody so moment of inertia for the ring is Mr square and the moment of inertia of the disc is a square by 2 the moment of inertia of the sphere moment of inertia procedure 2 by 5 M R square just put the value here and we can calculate the ratio so where I have to find the ratio in term of a ring first then disc then share price live t value of ring then put r2h

ring h disc h square is equal to is common so 1 + 1 ratio oneplus aap ratio oneplus to verify that is comes out to be 20 ratio 3 ratio 14 Jasol that and you simple multiplication and you can get this result ok dancer question is rejection chances a person is second option

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