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A rectangular loop of sides 20 cm and 10 cm carries a current of 5.0 A. A uniform magnetic field of magnituded 0.20 T exists parallel ot the longer side of the loop (a) What is the force acting on the loop? (b) what is the torque acting on the loop?



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Solution :
`l = 20 cm = 20 xx 10^(-2) m`, <br> `w = 10 cm = 10 xx 10 xx^(-2) m` <br> So, `a = lw = 0.02 m^(2)`, <br> `I = 5 A`, <br> `B = 0.2T` <br> (a) There is no force on the sides ab and cd but the force on the sides ad and be are apposite . So on the loop .<br> `tau = nia xx B = nia B sin 90^@` <br> `= 1 xx 5 xx 20 xx 10^(-2) xx 10 xx 10^(-2) xx 0.2` <br> `= 5 xx 20 xx 10 xx2 xx 10^(-6)` <br> `= 1000 xx 2 xx 10^(-6)` <br> `= 2 xx 10^(-2)` <br> `= 0.02 N m` <br> Paraller to the shorter side.

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