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Ray Optics And Optical Instruments


A point object is situated at ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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24 cm from the surface36 cm from the centre24 cm from the centreBoth (1) & (2)

Answer : D

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question is point object is situated at a distance of 36 m from centre of sphere of radius 12 cm and refractive index 1.5 locate the position of the image due to refraction through the skin so we can say your support this is our sphere and this year is the principal axis of the suppose this year is a centre of the sphere radius is given as 12 cm and the position of the object is at 36 cm from the centre of the screen so we can see here the distance from this point here to this object will be equal to 24 cm from the centre this point is located at 36 CM now your active index of this paper is

given lets you 1.5 so we can say the First street fighting the surface let se their homes first image which can be found out by using the refraction at spherical surface formula equal to 2 by 3 minus 1 by 2 is equal to we have here as new 2 - 1 / are now here is equal to 1.5 which is given in the question so this year is 1.5 by image instances we - 1 year is air so one object distance from this service will be equal to we can say - of lesson 24 is equal to root 2 minus one that is 1.5 - 1 / radius of curvature so Centre lies to the right of this point so Plus 12s on calculation this comes

out to be 1.55 is equal 2.5.12 that is 1.24 miles of this concept one by 24 hours we can see here this becomes equal to zero we can say give equal to infinity that is we can see this image is parallel to the principal Axis we can apply One Direction at the surface due to this formula again becomes mewtwo y b - of human by you is equal to we have you as you to -1 in the denominator and are so for the service we can say that image distance final image distance is 2 is equal to do we can say let's a refractory easy years who won the final image distance and here is 1.5 of the distance is at infinity

21 - 1.5 - 12 so this comes out as One byte is equal to minus point 5.12 that is minus y + 1 by 24 hours we can say email system comes at + 24 + 24 event will be found somewhere that is we can say the refraction at this office let's do this we will meet at this position at 24 cm from this position is from the centre of image fusion is 36 CM so we can see here option number 236 from the centre as well as you can see from the surface also 24 cm into a correct so among the four option the best option is both won in 2014 is our answer

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