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<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RES_03_16_MPCT_P1_E01_030_Q01.png" width="80%"> <br> A point charge `q_(1)=+6e` fixed at the origin of a coordinate system, and another point charge `q_(2)=-10e` is fixed at `x=8nm`, `y=0` the locus of all points in the xy plane for which potential `V=0` (other man inifinity) is a circle centered on the x-axis as shown. <br> Q. The potential at the centre of the circle is

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<img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RES_03_16_MPCT_P1_E01_030_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> On the positive side of x axis, potential is zero at distance `x_(1)` (it is between bothh charges), then ,brgt `(k.6e)/(r)=(k.10e)/(8-r)impliesr=3nm` <br> for the left side <br> `(k.6e)/(x_(2))=(k.10e)/(8+x_(2))impliesx_(2)=12nm` <br> `R=(x_(1)+x_(2))/(2)=7.5nm` <br> `|X_(C)|=X_(2)-R=4.5nm` <br> `V_(C)=(k.6e)/(4.5xx10^(-9))-(k.10e)/(12.5xx10^(-9))` <br> `=9xx10^(9)xx10^(9)xx1.6xx10^(-19)[(4)/(3)-(4)/(5)]` <br> `=1.44x=0.77v`


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hello point charge q 1 is equals to 60 fix that the origin of a co-ordinate system another point charge Q 2 is equals to minus 10 is fixed at X is equals to 8 NM at 10 years of all the point in xy plane for which the potential is zero is the circle centred at the figure are you want to find out the centre of the at the centre of the circle potential is what so if you see these are the two charges and the circle is at -4.5 so you can see very likely that the distance of these two charges from the centre is you can get it it is 4.5 and this is 8 plus 4.5 it is 12.5

we got the to distance of the tooth and if I write down the potential at the centre I will write down ke Q1 by R1 plus kq2 by auto undervalue I will write down a few on a stick cr1 is 4.5 here it is -10 it is 12.5 so if you subtract this so this is if you see here this can be cancelled out by 4 by 3 and this can be cancelled out Aati Hai 5 and the selfie 4 by 5 8 so I will take care outside k

e where is the charge on the electron you can also multiply the to 1.6 into this is it it will be 16.6 into it will be now put the value of k today value of e power minus 19 and take care the LCM as 15425 24 into three it is 1.16 298 is this 10 to the power minus 10 it will be if you see hi this is 10 to the power 9 and assistant to the power minus 19 it will be this and hear the distances are in NM 822 convert the distance into m

we have to X with 8 by 52 14.4 into 8 / 15 it will be 77 this is the answer of this question can check for the option here is to

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