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Magnetic Field And Magnetic Forces


A particle of charge q and mas...

A particle of charge `q` and mass `m` moving with a velocity `v` along the x-axis enters the region `xgt0` with uniform magnetic field `B` along the `hatk` direction. The particle will penetrate in this region in the `x`-direction upto a distance `d` equal to


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Zero `(mv)/(qB)``(2mv)/(qB)`Infinity

Answer : B


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question is a particle of charge q and mass M is moving with a velocity of the along the x axis and the reason when X is greater than zero with uniform magnetic field B along the ke daliton ke direction is means that direction the particle will penetrate in the reason in the acceleration up to a distance can we have to calculate the distance is equal to and there are some option and we have to tell that which option is correct now according to portion suppose this is the access this is accepted at this point x = 20 now my point by point charge is having the particle which is having charge q and mass M is enter in x axis and X is greater than zero that means this direction and the direction of magnetic field is given as in Z plane as we all know that this is why

this is eggs and this is said ok this is the jet direction that means the magnetic field is outward of this plane like this the magnetic field is in outward direction in this plane ok now This particle is entered in this reason and now it is feeling the magnetic field about the centre it feels the magnetic field at the centre for the motion of This particle is like this because it was the magnetic fields to what the centre that is there so the direction of motion of particle is look like this and after sometime 8th cross this reason we have to tell the distance travelled by the particle xxl that means they are asking this distance they are asking about this distance D now you can see that the motion of particle is in circular motion this is

circle basically this is the circle and this is basically the radius of the circle education see that this is the radius of the circle that means 2 is equal to the radius of radius sorry day is basically the radius of the circular path of radius of circular path and radius is given by the formula are equal to where is the mass vs velocity upon to wear to start a magnetic field unit check the option the second option which is MBA want to reach the right answer ok thank you

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