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A particle is projected vertic...

A particle is projected vertically upwards with speed `v_(0)`. The drag force acting on it given by `f_("drag")=mlambdav^(2)`. The time when it is at maximum height is :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A


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hello hello the question is a particle is projected vertically upwards with velocity with speed V not interact force acting on it given by x is equal to M Lamba V square a time when it is at its maximum height is what is 50 find the time when it is at its maximum height so see before going to the topic you should know that what is the track for showcasing a year with Rohit project along with a projectile from here over ok mentioned velocities of ok trackforce is a for resistance force which opposes opposite the ongoing payment if it go to of War till or less active drug for it is due to their ok Am am track for straight away ok and we know that when it's ok

gravity pulls it down ok to eat it is it also act opposite to the direction of velocity it will also I am not so it sign in in its Chinese negative ok the sign of ji here it is negative because it act opposite to the direction of the force ok the direction of the velocity of the ongoing velocity V so you have to purchase one is drug for other is acceleration ok the negative negative ji so here we know that f is equal to M into a so app drag is equal to M into a dark web to find the acceleration driver ke so a drug is equal to what if dragged by and everyone f drug is equal to word

Lamba V square and / M M M get cancelled show a drug is equal to Lamba loda 80 square so here you find the next track ok because there are two forces one is this and other race track OK so the net pack will be net track what will be the acceleration will be but - ji + Lambda with acceleration is equal to the river which is equal to this one ok do you why it is equal to what minor g + Lambda with square ok Sona separating the

Samsung AC Kiya bhi bhaiya ji + Lambda b square is equal to 1 -2 integrated because when you find limit points ok to both of you ok so when a body is thrown upward with an initial velocity v0 Kate is given initial velocity v0 ke final velocity when it reaches to the of most point is equal to zero and here time is from 0 to 3 and now have to solve this how to solve this integration and will get our and solving this before serving when it to some simplification se so let us do that here it is integration of

2020 by + Lambda b square is equal to integration of - 0 to 9 simplify and integrating in here it is to take come on ok so you can take 11 by at one by land Lamba ka Mandsaur integration of 2020 ke and it is DP by G Y + Y square is equal to integration of 0 to TV

show the interior integrated ok no 1 by Lambda into by integrating it ok if we get that 1 by lemon 21 Bai G Bai Lambda defect trigonometric substitution integration for the formula is completely mathematical see here it is an inverse ok 10 inverse b by root of 12 GB RAM result dasvin auto division is mean of 20 this is equal to venue interior military integration is equal to teok implying that 1 by root of HRA Lambda squire ji mobile

number into 10 inverse what we not root over of Lambda by Vikas 0.0 it is usually something is equal to zero only this component remains of a is equal to how this is Lambda square bheji thi here when we when we take inside this ok collabratec Vinod take Lambda inside it becomes square so here it is Lambda biscuit cut final in this is a final in studies will get a t-shirt final answer

1 by root over of what number ji into 10 inverse root x is equal to 80 so this is inside and will find it in there was an officer going to the year 2 Hindi hostess and so is Avenger so in this time the particle is projected vertically upward with velocity V not track person acting on it this will be at its maximum height so this will be the answer hope you get your answer in thank you


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