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A particle is dropped from hei...

A particle is dropped from height `h = 100 m`, from surface of a planet. If in last `1/2` sec of its journey it covers 19 m. Then value of acceleration due to gravity that planet is :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

`8 m/s^2``1/8 m/s^2``1/4 m/s^2``2 m/s^2`

Answer : A
Solution : NA


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hello music on a particle is dropped from height hundred metre from the surface of a Planet if in last half S office journey it covers 19 then the value of acceleration due to gravity of product planet is what so it is dropped from here at = 20 and the height of this ball is 202 suppose it will be changed it goes to tea not that we are given that at the time of his last half S office Discover 19 years ago this is 90 so this was here at T = 2 3 8 -

Sohila Sahib S it covid-19 very simple now listen this distance 300-208 is hundred 200 - 1981 this bol covered internet minus half 81 and internet time it covered hundred metre celeste write down the second equation of motion and if I used it as equals to UT plus half ji square suppose the gravitational acceleration for that planet is ji not so we want this three not tried so here are the initial velocity is already given it is

jio CEO at it was Tuti note the US was = 200 so just put the values have a light hundred is equals to ji not by 2 into 3 square and at equals to minus half the US will be equal to 80 Raees so I will write 81 is equals to Z not by 2 minus half yearly question 1 and equation to divide the two equation so if I will divide the two equation I will get 3 or 2 square in division 3 and minus 1 minus minus 1 by 2 square will be equal to 10 by 81 so if I take under root both side then I will get it not a pointer not -1 is

first to 10 by 92 we can calculate distance out now so after cross multiplying I will get 90 not equals to 10 3 of -5 rights from here you will get to know it is equals to 5 second output the value of t not in equation 1 or to any one of the two you can put so let's suppose I I put and putting this value of t not in equation 100 is equals to ji not by 2 and TV calculate it is 505 square is 25 so you will get free not is equals to 8 metre per second square and this will be the answer now you can see the question this was our question and we got 8 metre per second square the acceleration on that planet thank you


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