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Class 12






Motion In Two And Three Dimension


A particle has initial velocit...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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7 unit`7sqrt(2)`8.5 unit 10 unit

Answer : b

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hello everyone letter start with the question in this question what is given that a particle has the initial velocity 3 + 4 that means it has velocity of 3i in the extraction and 4G in the y-direction now the acceleration is given given as to be a point 4 + 3 J ok now what we need to find what is the speed of the turn signal to find what is the speed after 10 s ok now we know that this is the initial velocity which is given we are representing initial velocity as 3 I 3 + 4 j ok now the acceleration is given as to be 0.4 + 0.3 ok now we need to find what is the velocity after 10 seconds so we need to find velocity after speed of the final velocity after 10 seconds how can we do it we can say that velocity final velocity is related with initial velocity and acceleration and time as weakness to

plus it ok now what is the value of the input the value of v3i ok plus what is the value of acceleration we can say that value of acceleration is 4.4 plus point OK what is the value of the time it is then so we can x 10 now what would be the answer for the final velocity and hear it would be point 4 into 10 what is 4.4 into 10 it would be 4844 I hear and three years what is the net for plus 37 I ok let's hear what would we answer for the Jay part 4 Jay it would be point 3 into 10 6.3 into 10 is what point 3 x 10 it would be 33 plus 4 it would be said it would be 7G ok now here we have been asked for the magnitude of the velocity so here we have represented velocity in the vector form it is in the vector form so how to write the modulus for

we know that if a vector is given as if any vector for example is given as a eye plus BJ what would be the Mod of how it is the mode of evaluated it would be just square root of a square + b square the component of I and the component of J2 noted ok now if you know the velocity in vector form how to write the magnitude of velocity we can say that similarly we can say that we would be equal to 7 square + 7 is square square root OK what we can do we can take seven square to be common before the square root so seven square if you are taking a week and just right we can just right it like this seven square then oneplus one ok bye have just taken 7s battery comment and if it takes 7 square to the outside it would be just seven and what is the left remaining part in the square it would be square root so what should be aware correct answer correct answer

seven square root 2 to be option would be the correct option for our kiss so hope you have understood this solution thank you

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