A parallel plate capacitor of capacitance C is charged to a potential V and then disconnected with the battery. If separation between the plates is decreased by 50% and the space between the plates is filled with a dielectric slab of dielectric constant K=10. then


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hello student today were question is a parallel plate capacitor of capacitance C is charged to the potential we then that is connected by the battery is separation between the plate is decreased by 50% and if the space between the plate is filled with the dielectric slab of dielectric constant K Quest to 10 then ABCD options are given here so we have to find the correct option so the solution of this question is we know that capacitance that is C is equals to ke into a silent a / so we have the we know that 2 is equals to charge on the capstan is equal to see in 2 weeks of from this we can say that she is inversely proportional to be capacitance is inversely proportional to potential for Visa inversely proportional to see so then you get instance when that described is due to the device used to have the capacitance C that
K Epsilon naught and this is a / to so this is to ke absalom absalom not a / D and B have a case study from this we get serious is equals to 20 absalon not a / and we have the seed as 20 of initial capital that is Seen here from this from equation 1 we have written this from equation 1 so from this we can say that capacitance and the X with potential is equal to constant as we have the charges constant as quiz constant so from this we can say that b is equals to B / initial potential divided by 20 and percentage decrease will be come here is equals to B minus we divided by
20 and this is divided by 1 and X hundred from this we can write their this will 95% decrease so we can say that potential difference between the plates decreases by 95% and this is the answer for this question so we check which option is correct yaar so Aarakshan d is correct thank you

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