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A mass m attached to spring of...

A mass m attached to spring of natural length `l_0` and spring constant k. One end of string is attached to centre of disc in horizontal plane which is being rotated by constant angular speed `omega`. Find extension per unit length in spring (given `k gtgt m omega^2` ) :


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

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percent of the natural length cannot and spring constant K the ring is attached to the centre of the distance of the centre find extensive per unit length in Spring and given the value of k is much more than squire given string is attack spring constant and any disk is attached with the centre of the day OK then look like this kis dist have this and rotate with the angular velocity Omega ok and the mass M attached with spring

extension OK then total length from the centre of the disk to the mass and this is equal to a lot less if any disc is rotating with angular speed Omega then acting out over to the outward to the having the value into the total distance from Mars and spring force acting opposite to the force and then we can write the value of a and b is equal to omega

ok understand deep return ki AC is equal to MC square + 1 ok and cancel out then I'll not + 1 equal to ummid to find the tension for unit length and this question extension only then we have to find the value of x upon OK then I'll not upon this is equal to 1 upon 1 minus 1 then came I M omega square upon omega square this is the value of a lot by bus

find the value of x by I'll not ok then I'll not a lot is equal to this is the relation by a lot is equal to minus sin square but in this question was then he - omega square is only then we can write X upon A lot is equal to M K relation this is the relation and the value of x upon and not extension is equal to thank you question then

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