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Class 11






Superposition And Standing Waves


A long tube contains air at a ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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`330 m//s``340 m//s``395 m//s``495 m//s`

Answer : C
Solution : Velocity of sound at <br> `107^(@) C = 2 n (l_(2) - l_(1)) = 2 xx 500(58.5 - 19) xx 10^(-2)` <br> `= 395 m//s`

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you can test your at a pressure of 1 ATM and temperature of 117 118 and prove that a moveable feast tuning fork near the open and is vibrating with the frequency of 500 hours prison is produced when the piston is at a distance of 19.5 open its speed of sound at 10 degree celsius is equal to share these are the two consecutive president is obtained his literary character in this is a post in one a person is l2o which appeared to be considered this year displacement low pressure antinode this is grade separation notes of this is the fundamental frequency for hearing

pressure and I know this is creation Road this year is not listed here is until you're so interactions of course is easy to get a one-year let's is L2 cache in oneplus is given as food and in a week and it is given out of Steel and power of subtracting we have the earth into minus 1 divided by 4 is Lambda -14 speed is required we know the frequency has been equal to 9 frequency is 512 calculator 22 is blood cell 58.5 -1 is 19

9.5.17 - 2019 - 2017 divided 101 calculation consultant 395 which is no option of a3s the velocity of sound is 395 per second which is option 3 live concert

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