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Thermometry,thermal Expansion & Kinetic Theory Of Gases


A gas at 27^@ C in a cylinder ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A
Solution : (i) Using boyle's law for constant temperature, <br> `p_1 V_1 = P_2 V_2` <br> `:. V_2 = (P_1 V_1)/(P_2)=(100 xx 4)/(150) = 2.667 L` <br> `:.` Change in volume = `V_2 - V_1 = 2,667 - 4` <br> = `1.333 L` <br> (ii) Using Gay Lussac's law for constant volume, <br> `(p_2)/(p_1)=(T_2)/(T_1) or p_2 =(T_2)/(T_1)xx p_1 =((127 +273) xx 150)/((27 + 273))` <br> = `200 Nm^-2`.


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hello given with a question on the question says a gas at 27 degree celsius in a cylinder has volume of 4 litre and pressure hundred Newton per metre square the gases for impressed at constant temperature so that the pressure is 150 Newton per metre square calculate the change in volume secondly it is heated at constant volume so that the temperature become 127 degree Celsius and we have to calculate the new pressure right so what are be given with their given with its initial temperature that is 27 degree Celsius with which is equal to 300 K V1 initial volume that is 4 l initial pressure that is hundred Newton per metre square in first question when it is compressed at constant pressure temperature right sources

temperature is constant the law which we apply is Boyle's law night so in that no p1b 1 is equals to Mithu Mithu so when we put up the values we have to find P2 we have to find me to write we are given with p to hear what are the given since 82 is equals to 150 Newton per metre square is what we are given in the question so we 2 is equals to P1 B1 mighty to write when we substitute all the values that turns out to be what is c102 4150 right so it turns out to be approximately equal to 2.67 L now this is way too

much we have to find the change in volume for Delta V is equal to V2 - V1 night so modulus of V2 - 1 is that changed so 2.67 - 4 = 2 1.33 l this is the change in volume next thing is we have to find the new pressure at constant volume so for second it is for constant volume write log bhi apply is Gai Lu sex love in the law it says that p2p 1 is equals to T2 by table this is what it says now when we what we have to find is the new pressure night

soty 2 is equals to T2 might even into even so what is T2 we are given that the T2 is 127 degree Celsius so 127 degree Celsius it is 127 degree Celsius when we convert it into Kelvin it is + 273 it is 400 Kelvin so 400 by 300 write the initial temperature is 300 Kelvin and initial pressure is hundred Newton per metre square is that is hundred metre square so that route to be approximately equal to know the new pressure is actually the new pressure is actually

150 right after that we are heating it to this temperature change into 150 what does this give us this turns out to be 200 200 watt Newton per metre square this is our new pressure that is 200 Newton per metre square so let's say this is not been to this is P3 Mississippi to Bassi 333 so that you get you do not get confused right side new pressure turns out to be two hundred Newton per metre square and change in volume is 1.3 l thank you

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