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Class 12






Dynamics Of A Particle


A circular disc with a groove ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : 10
Solution : Applying pseudo force ma and resolving it along and normal to groove. <br> Applying along the groove <br> `m a cos theta - (f_(1) + f_(2)) = ma_(x)` <br> `m a cos theta - mu N_(2) - mu N_(2) = ma_(x)` <br> `ma cos theta - mu m a sin theta - mu m g = ma_(x)` <br> `a_(x) = a cos theta - mu a sin theta - mu g` <br> `= 25 xx (4)/(5) - (2)/(5) xx 25 xx (3)/(5) - (2)/(5) xx 10 = 10 m//s^(2)` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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hello students today equation is a circular disc with a group along with its i m is placed horizontally on the rough surface a block of mass 1 Kg is placed as shown the coefficient of friction between the block and all surface of Grove and horizontal surface in contact is used to buy pipe the disk as an acceleration of 25 metre per second square towards left find the Block with respect to this given ko status for my wife and find it is 3 by 5 year and this is the diagram given to us so the solution of this question is we can draw on force and normal component in this diagram here so this is a diagram here and we have their behalf the block and this is it here so this is theta and our normal is acting in this

so this is our normal hair and and and we have the machine to acceleration here so in this direction have we have mass into acceleration Android and we have the mass into acceleration in this direction and we have cost component sin theta in this direction and we have a sin theta in this direction cos theta Hindustan action this is caused it here and we have the acceleration along x axis

correction fees of force here and this is F1 and from this the velocity 25 m applying on the book so this is MG here and this is and to normal force and this is friction to so from this applying pseudo force ma hair so we can write a applying along the grow so we can write a applying along the Grove hai so from this we can write a cos theta minus 1 + 2 is equal to M A next year so from this week and it and I'm a corset ise we can write this is new into normal to

minus 2 into normal to hair into normal one here max4r from this week Android M A cos theta minus 2 sin theta and minus MG so this will cause to am from this we can write a x is equals to this is equals to a s and M we have taken common base cancel out here so we left with a solution that is 25 and Cos theta is 4 by 5 it is given to us and the acceleration is this and sin theta + 3 Y - 2 by 5 is the coefficient of friction and M is cancelled out there and we have left with G2 from this we get acceleration along x-axis is

10 metre per second square so this is our answer for the question thank you

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