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Class 12






Laws Of Motion


A child weighing 25 kg slides ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`22.5 m//s^(2)` `8 m//s^(2)` `5m//s^(2)` `2m//s^(2)`

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question is a child brain 25 Kg is placed on a roll ranging from a branch of a tall tree in the force of friction against him in 200 narration of the child is so here we can see this is of course our room on this road is a child so this is the time which side is given as ma and M so we can say your the weed energy will be active in the world since he is playing will be so we have to find acceleration is we can say that if the let se acceleration is this case we can set a pseudo force will be acting of birds show me the fraction value given as 200 new till now balancing the forces we have to

function + M and M G H we can see it comes out to be MG - we can say expression in commercial CSM acceleration is equal to is given as a fraction is 200 Newton 25kg this here comes as a sequel to 10 - we can say your this is 88/2 so to metre per second square that is option number code is a correct answers to our answer

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