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A charge particle of mass m an...

A charge particle of mass m and charge q is released from rest in uniform electric field. Its graph between velocity (v) and distance travelled (x) will be :

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : A
Solution : NA


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hello charged particle of mass M and charge Q is released from rest in a uniform electric between velocity and distance so a charged particle when it is placed in a magnetic field sorry electric field it will experience of food which is equal to Q2 and that forces can also be returned from here we can be written as you bike app to find the relation between velocity and writers biwi by DP British you know if I differentiate TV by dear into DX by painting

Q by now the velocity if you buy it now from here I can write V is equal to integrate this from 0 to be this is zero to integration of we comes out vs forward to from zero to this is a constant with respect to come out and this is X

022 - 0 is equal to Q by M so I can write V square is equal to 2 into this is the relation between v and similar is equal to y square equal to 4 which is a para bola symmetric law which one is a parabola the parabola the to this fast and force but it is symmetric along at first option will be correct this is a parabola symmetric a long answer

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