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A body weights 98 N on a sprin...

A body weights 98 N on a spring balance at the north pole. What will be its weight recorded on the same scale if it is shifted to te equator? Use g=`GM/R^2=9.8m/s^2` and the radius of the earth R=6400 km.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : At poles, the apparent weight is same as the true weight, <br> Thus <br> `98N=mg=m(9.8m/s^2)` <br> or, `m=10kg` <br> At the equator, the apparent weight is <br> `mg'=mg-momega^2R`. <br> The radius of the earth is 6400 km and the angular speed is <br>` omega=(2pi rad)/(24xx60xx60s) =7.27xx10^-5rad/s` <br> Thus, <br> `mg'=98N-(10 kg) (7.27x10^-5s^-1)^2)(6400km)` <br> ``97.66N


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hello good morning this question of body weight is 98 at the north pole and when it is shifted to the equator Soya it is the equator to you have to calculate the weight at the equator so what is the mass of the body is this simple the weight if the weight is 98 calculate the mass as weight by the ji that will be mass like 98 is 10 kg what is happening if this weight is at the equator a centrifugal force with 8 if we see from the centrifugal force will have a magnitude of this much this much as

less like this weight that is also close to the normal reaction was converted the km into m so 24 to complete the there are this month 2nd 24 into 16 to 60 S solid you will get the Omega as 7.27 into 10 to the power minus Radiant to just put this value and you will get the w and Z is

and its square and the to solve this so this will be somewhere around one that's thank you

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