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A block placed on a horizontal...

A block placed on a horizontal surface is being pushed by a force F making an angle `theta` with the vertical. If the friction coefficient is `mu`. How much force is needed to get the block just started. Discuss the situation when `tan thetaltmu`.

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : The situation is shown in ure. In the limiting equilibrium the frictioN/Al force f will be equal to `muN`. For horizontal equilibrium <br> `F sin theta=muN` <br> <img src=" ) <br> For verticla equilibrium <br> F cos theta+mgN`. <br> ElimiN/Ating N from these equations <br> `F sin theta=mu F costheta+mu mg` <br> or ` F=(mu mg)/(sintheta-mucostheta)` If `tanthetaltmu` we have `(sintheta-mucostheta)lt0` and then F is negative. So for angles less than `tan^-1mu`. One cannot push the block ahead, however large the force may be.


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in this question A block placed on a horizontal surface is being pushed by a force have an angle theta with the vertical if the friction Coefficient is how much force is needed to get the blouse just started discuss the situation and three types and is used by making an angle theta vertical resolve dispose into horizontal and vertical direction wicket forces

app and vertical forces the weight of body is acting in vertical downward direction the normal reaction acting on the body is in vertically upward direction lessons denoted with and now the block as remove right direction show the force of friction acting on this body would be alone inspiration ff

this is our sports affection Nobita kal motion but forces would be equal to download for Air Force and download for Visa when the body is just about to leave that means balance balance that means action force of friction the force of friction is

new into normal reaction and normal so calling it for the biggest as sin theta is equal to new energy efficient of static friction is given as new so force f to be new MG / sin theta minus 2 cos theta this is bar value of force and this should be positive right that means denominator

should be positive so sin theta minus cos theta should be greater than zero 10 theta greater than you know what would happen if tan theta is less new tan theta you can help would be negative that means the block would not move

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