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A ball thrown up verically returns to the thrower after 6 s. Find
(a) the velocity with which it was thrown up. (b) the maximum height it reaches, and (c ) its position after 4 s.



hello everyone the question take a ball is thrown up vertically returns to the thrower after 6 seconds find velocity with which it was thrown up the maximum height it reaches its position after 4 seconds to B K need to calculate these three things first we are given with 6 second time in the question and this is a time we'll take to return back to the thrower it means the total time which it reaches to the maximum height and then returned back to hear first of all we get to know that time it took to reach maximum height total is
sex with which it returns to the thrower to reach a maximum height it would be half of 6 that is 6 by 23 seconds this is the time the ball took to reach the maximum height at maximum height for certain point of time the ball came to rest at its that would be final or city that we consider as zero this zero velocity is at the maximum height acceleration value that is 9.8 metre per second square but here the acceleration needs to be negative because the acceleration here it is against the gravitational
force now we need to solve the question for this we need to calculate the velocity Pravin use the equations of motion using first equation that is V is equal to you + 80 final velocity we got to know that it is zero initial we need to calculate value of acceleration -9.8 into time to reach maximum height War 3 s h u come out to be 29.4 metre per second the velocity
with which it was thrown up is 2019 4 metre per second it is the initial velocity with which it was thrown up no next we need to calculate the maximum height it reaches here we use another equation of motion using two equal to b square minus b square this we have third equation of motion so here we need to put the values that comes out to be a square minus A square by to a
Pani velocity is zero initial we got 29.4 divided by 2 into minus 9.8 that was acceleration and answer comes 44.1 M the the maximum height it reaches does maximum height it reaches is 44.1 M know the third thing we need to calculate air its position after 4 seconds we want to know that its position
after 3 seconds was when it reached the maximum height to time here we consider as for second because we get to know the position after 4 seconds in 3 seconds the ball reached maximum height and in remaining 1 second it falls back from the top so distance covered in one second from maximum height this many to calculate using the equation of
motion exercise to UT plus half a t square we need to put the values 0 + half into 9.8 into 1.8 take as positive because this we are calculated for the time when the ball was coming down from its maximum height to this is towards the gravitational force not against it so this is the correct positive on solving we get 4.9 this is the position of the distance of the bold after 4 seconds thank you


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