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Newton's Laws Of Motion 2


A 5 - kg block sides down a pl...

A `5 - kg` block sides down a plane inclined at `30^(@)` to the horizontal. Find <br> (a) The acceleration of the block if the plase is frictionless <br> b. The acceleration if the coefficient of kinetic friction is `1//2sqrt(3)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : a. `mg sin 30^(@) = ma` <br> `a = g sin 30^(@)= 5 ms^(-2)` down the plane if plane is smooth M <br> <img src="" width="80%"><br> b.`mg sin 30^(@) - mu_(k)N = ma` <br> `a = g sin 30^(@ )- mu_(k)g cos 30^(@) = 5//2 ms^(-2)`


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question that 5 kg block slides down a plane inclined at 30 degree to the horizontal so we have to find first in a part we have to find here we have to find the acceleration of the blog if the to next to find the acceleration if the coefficient of kinetic friction is given by 1 by 2 root 3 and B start with the first one to that is 5 kg block down the printer and at 30 degree it means that opposes the angle of inclination here we have a block so great to suppose this is a block a block ok we have given the angle of India

30 degree angle between angle 30 degree then they know that if there is it is blocked so did we have an whereas decide it have a mass M G resolve it in a three component it to resolve it in a tree component to component this will be like this this time we have MG sin theta sin theta is tight we have MG cos theta S ride and theta cos theta here we have to find the value of theta means we have to find this angle angle theta to guys how can we find it to Patli Si

that ad here we have this Angle A Angle 30 degree if the diagram of 8255 Hai like this we have the angle of inclination that is given the question at 30 degree 30 degree 30 degree ok that it 90 degree it is 90 degree what is this angle than 90 + 32 you know the sum of all angles is 180 degree meaning is equal to 60 degree degree because we know 90 plus

30 December live at x is equal to 180 degree equal to 180 - 90 - 32 bit older than 60 degrees equal to 60 degree find angle angle angle is like it like that we have this MG sin theta cos theta so we have to find the single guys so we can say if the angle is 30 so here we have right angle will also 30 then it will become 1030 because this is a 90 degree this week and it is become than 90 degree we can see that 60 + x

is equal to 90 I can write it as if this is why sorry feel that is why we will let you that then 60 + Y 60 + Y is equal to 90 degree the value of Y we get from here that is 30 degree so this will be done at 30 degrees as to now I can write it has M30 and MG cal 30 degree now I will be then I can write I can write that is equal to MG cos 30 cos 30 degree so what is it is equal to cent is equal to

and cos 30 MG cost 30 degree so we can also find sin theta sin theta it will be equal to an ap is equal to M M M G time time 30 degree find acceleration so what will be the acceleration then then is acceleration will be take this uncommon this sentence about is acceleration will be equal to ji of sin theta to guide part we have to find acceleration and we find its acceleration is equal to eat I can't use constructor because it can you hear it is as we can see any cost data who doesn't have this

sin theta so we have to make like this guide is wrong this will be wrong why because as we can see that this will be described as you can see this in a direction of sin theta so this will be wrong to this will be wrong we have to take this value of equal to MC CM second part we have to find that the acceleration if coefficient of the kinetic friction is 1 by 2 root 3 to right now we can write it as you can see the diagram of it so from ovary diagram we have here that is the angle of inclination and here we have a body have a body is friction

friction let it be reduced and the cost it will be done described here we have done and 2 cos theta cos theta and we know the theatre is what it is 30 degree now I can write that n is equal to now in right is equal to MG cos theta and Cos theta ok as you can see from the editor opposite and equal equal to MG cos theta with heater is 30 degree I can also write that a is equal to sin theta m g m m 30 degrees

30 degree minus theta theta into cos theta and we get it 30 degree now here then the acceleration will be a is equal to now we also can take a common and then cancel it out to be a left with ji pita that is 30 degree minus 30 degree in hearing this is the required value fund series of water as it is in the question that can take to 1 upon 2 root 3 now

this further by moving ahead and find that is an equal to 10 into one by two why what is the value of gravity so that is 9.8 and we do it 10 because this is approximately 10 and sin 30 is nothing but 1 by 2 minus so this value is given that is it is equal to 1 by 2 root 3 1 by 2 root 3 into the gravity is 10 and Cos theta is root 3 by 2 value doesn't cut it out and here we have this 52 I can write it as that it is equal to 5 - 25 by 35 by root 3 and this is also Rotary to this root 3 and root we will cancel it out and we have done 5 by 2 here we have done by 2

by taking steam then we have to take it as it will be done to him then here we have 10 minus 5 is equal to 5 by 2 required activation when we take value 1.2 root 3 provide this is the axial direction to understand this question to thank you guys


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