Write two properties of alkali metals salts of oxo-acids.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
They are generally soluble in water and thermally stable.


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our question is write two properties of alkali metals salt of acid we have to write two properties of write properties of alkali metal salt alkali metal salts of assets first of all we know that our alkali metal is our alkali metal metals is group one element and we know that their electronic configuration is an S1 and elements of alkali

Lithium Sodium Potassium rubidium and caesium and that it forms it forms salts form salts with all with all its forms sauce with all acids so here we have to write we have to write the two properties of alkali metal salts of fatty acids first of all first of all these alkali metals the properties of hair I am going to write properties

these Alka Li metal of oxoacid of two salts are generally generally soluble or insoluble in water soluble in water and and thermally stable thermally stable hair which means soluble in water means

compound and and thermally stable which means is stable to heat Stable to heat and Stable to him and do not decompose easily and do not decompose decompose easily do not decompose isliye so our first property is soluble in water and second property is thermally stable these are the properties but but but here

exception one exception case is arises and exception case is we know that I'd like to see you 3 is also oxoacid but but a Lithium makes a lithium carbonate which which is also oxoacid but not it is not Stable to heat is not Stable to heat and also decompose easily and also decompose easily this is our exception is interest of all stable to so these are the answer of the following question ok thank you

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