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Class 12






Practice Paper -2


Which of the following does no...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Acetone + Aniline Acetone + EthanolWater+ Nitric acid Chloroform + Benzene

Solution : Acetone + ethanol is an example of solutions showing positive deviation from Raoult's law . Since acetone -ethanol attractions are weaker than acetone-acetone and ethanol-ethanol attractions.

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welcome to not end there are two types of solution is the ideal solution ideal and ideal solution ideal ideal and non ideal solution have to wait for it is positive deviation deviation or negative deviation from the route discuss about the positive deviation in which Delta V mixer

is greater than zero and here Delta V mixture is less than zero and hair in ideal solution Delta V mix up is equal to zero hair if the intermolecular force inter molecular fore and intermolecular forces and BB intermolecular is in the positive deviation is more is

more as compared to compare two intermolecular 4 that's why volume will be increased at Acetone show positive deviation because at Kurnool ethanol has hydrogen bonding it is the positive deviation and hair Acetone is the polar molecule carbon disulfide is non Wallah so Interpol Akele attraction forces will be decreases

282 aviation it is Alto positive direction and methanol water and CEO of positive deviation whereas the of phenol and it show negative deviation because phenol and aniline form hydrogen bonding in the phenol and a lean mixture its negative deviation it is negative deviation deviation from the route slow so here is the correct option it can't show the positive all other examples are the positive deviation from the to thank you

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