Which fo the following sets contains only copolymers?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`SBR`,Glyptal,Nylon-`6,6`Poluthene ,Polyester,`PVC`Nylon-`6`,Butyl rubber,NeopreneMelmac,Bakelite,Teflon

Answer :


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student interview questions with answer which of the following set contains only copolymer water copolymer possible with the polymer unit which are doing am from different monomeric unit so different monomer units will be there this is the basic point that we need to keep in mind the options given studying butadiene styrene butadiene rubber it is being manufactured from two units that is in right ovary butadiene rubber is manufactured from 1 3 butadiene respectively style in this is our Cooper S Gilbert and Gretel is also having two different monomeric units and mention their names what are you doing a little Italy glycol and Folic acid Italy

Global it is being manufactured using hexamethylenediamine Endeavour edification so this is the answer which is having both different monomeric unit option is connect it is being manufactured from ethene molecule for single more number will be there that's why it's not going to this PVT is also Singapore numeric unit that is when chloride is used in its formation that is not it is manufactured using caprolactam Apple is there the new print the new Prime is manufactured using chloroprene at the monomeric unit for this is all too single owner will be there are also not damkham element then comes

back light then construct loan is also not correct sequence set so basically melamine formaldehyde polymer is been found from element and formaldehyde respectively in that case is only taken the environment will be singer polymer will be formed from single unit that is function to Intezar phenol and formaldehyde so this is one is having to similarly nylon 6 with this is beautiful than your premium outlet is come on the solution is being a combination of these three will be taken to different monomeric units are there that's why they are going to block into the class of copolymer

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