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What is smog? How is classical smog different from photochemical smogs?


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Smong is a kind of air pollution. It is the blend of smoke and fog. There are two king of smog:
a) Classical smog
b) Photochemical smog
The two smogs can be differentiated as follows:
Clasical smogPhotochemical smogOccurence It occurs in a cood, humid climate It occurs in a dry, sunny climateComponents Smoke, fog, and sulphurdioxide. PAN, acrolein, Ozone, formalhyde, nitric oxide. Nature It is reducing in nature It is oxidizing in nature
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how is Classical smog different from photochemical smog is caused by various air pollutants and the type of intent air pollution monkey 4 movies visible air pollution and is mainly composed of oxides of Sulphur and nitrogen Ozone and other party what is visible pollution mainly composed of oxides of sulphur nitrogen Ozone and other party is more can come from various sources such as industrial emissions automobile emissions forest fire coal or conversion
moon can be categorised into two different categories one is based on season 1 is your winter through another is your summer to that occurs in the summer season formed to photo chemical formation of ozone in summer season there is a lot of Sunlight and high temperatures as a result photochemical smog is dominate the temperatures are very low due to which option of the possible increases eating purpose in sound household combustion of fossil fuel reserves in winter is the smoke that is dominant during the winter season this is active in winter season
are you can say is dominant during the summer season 2 classical form contains oxides of Sulphur and nitrogen and it has reducing property using properties report to the property of an element or compound to donate electrons it undergoes oxidation itself by losing electrons is mainly derived from vehicle emission is done by vehicle the police from the vehicles react with sunlight and formed secondary pollutants such as Ozone the secondary pollutants along with the primary pollutant the photochemical smog is embedded directly from the scores while the secondary pollutant is formed in the atmosphere when the primary pollutant react in the

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