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What are the harmful effects of photochemical smog and how can they be controlled?

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Photochemical somg is oxidizing smog owing to the presence of NO2 and O3, causing corrosing of metals, stones, rubber, and painted surfaces. The other major components of photochemical smog are PAN, acrolein, and formaldehyde. Both PAN and ozone are eye irritants, while nitric oxide (formed from NO2) causes nose and throat irritation. At higher concentrations, photochemical smog causes chest pain, headches, throrat dryness, and variour respiratory ailments.
Photochemical smog results from the burring of fossil fuels and automobile fuels that emit NO2 and hydrocarbonds, which in turn form ozone, PAN, and other chemicals. The use of catlytic converters in automobiles is recommended to prevent the release of NO2 and hydrocarbons into the atmospheres.
Plantation of plants such as Pinus, Juniparur, Quercus, Pyrus, and Vitis is also advised as these plants have the capability to metablioze NO2.

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