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Class 11






Chemical Equilibrium


Variation of equilibrium const...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello students question is variation of the equilibrium constant K with temperature is given by one of equation that a link is equal to delta H is not my capital 8 - equation that it's not can evaluate its equilibrium constants K1 and K2 what at two different temperatures of which is located by k y equals to 10 Rs note EP 303 into 1 minus 1 by constant for the reaction is one at 27 degree Celsius and 4847 degree Celsius for this reaction is given we have to calculate the enthalpy change for this reaction b + c giving a given year is equal to 2 cal form 1 for K this question it is given that it wasn't the temperature calling to want of equation the delta H value can be calculated at two different temperature sunao the equilibrium constant for the following reaction

at two different temperatures are known and we have to calculate enthalpy change for this reverse reaction if we calculate the enthalpy change for this reaction we can calculate for this reaction a gaseous plus speaker is giving we get this plus she catches now it is given that the temperature 27 degree Celsius the Cape value is one that it is Keval is 1 at 27 degree temperature T1 will be 27 degree Celsius in kelvin it will be 300 Kelvin unke 2014 at temperature 47 degree Celsius 47 degree Celsius will be 320 K no we have to

calculate the delta H for this reaction first then we can calculate Delta is for the inverse reaction if we apply this equation 1 of equation it is Loki to buy 31 equals to delta H upon 2.303 R into 1 upon 1 minus 1 upon 2 50 kurtis values tattoos 4 and K is 1 delta H not we have to find out and this is 2.303 our values given to cal formula for cal and become 22.3 to my 32.72 this will be come 302 327 square address now this one K is cancelled by this

and this for K is also can cancel by this week itself K square so this will give us block 45 Block 1 fitness log 4 - log one that is 100 log formulas = 2.602 it will win cal formal 320 -320 upon 320 into 300 so if we hear in space to calculate delta H not it would be point 602 into 2.303 into 2 into 322 300/20 and this value using cal for

mod this will be equals to it will be equals to 13309 point 49 cal for more values 2012 in kilo cal bhi 13 point This is 309 can I get S3 19093 find out this significant digit is 13.3 1 kilo cal for mood now we have to find out the reaction delta H for the reaction for the inverse reaction so the delta H is calculated comes out of a positive it means let it will be an exothermic or endothermic reaction because it entered his come in positive if this reaction is endothermic

this will be the atomic Vikas inverse to Delta Shilpi negative forces this reaction that is being that us + serious it is forming a gaseous so this will be delta H for this will be -13.3 1 kilo cal for show the correct answer to this question is a opt -13.3 1 kilo cal for me I hope you understood the solution thank you

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