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Class 12






Practice Paper -2


The reaction , 2AB(g) + 2C(g) ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`0.0716 M min^(-1)``0.0891 M min^(-1)``0.006 M min^(-1)``0.0257 M min^(-1)`

Answer : C

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question question says the reaction to a b + to see if a 2 + 2 b c proceed according to the mechanism step 12 a B2B to which is fastest second step A2 B2 + see if a to b + BC which is slow step third step a to b + c give a to b c which is faster what will be the initial rate taking a bi concentration is equal to 0.2 molar and C concentration is equal to 0.5 molar 21 equilibrium constant for the step 1 standard to the power 2 mole inverse and the rate constant for step to is 3 into 10 raise to the power minus 3 mole inverse minut inverter Complex reaction to what we should know that rate of reaction for a complex

reaction is always given by the rate of slowest kept in the mechanism ok over here you too happy is slower step therefore rate of reaction will be given as rate of the text to now rate of step to can be written as from the rate law a concentration of A2 B2 into consideration will be the rate of reaction now in the first step it is a equilibrium reaction having the equilibrium constant KC for one week and write an equilibrium constant KC will be equal to concentration

A2 B2 / concentration of Ab from here the value of concentration of A2 B2 comes out to be a c x ab square sunao we will substitute this value in the rate of reaction equation it will become rate of reaction is equal to MC square x see the values of all these four terms is given to ask the questions we will just substituted the value of weight

x 10 raise to the power minus 3 equilibrium constant has the value concentration of a b is 0.2 and concentration of C is 0.5 by solving this you will get the value of rate of the reaction equal to 0.00 min this will be D rate of these action out of all the given option you can see clearly that option number 3 represents the correct answers option 3 is the correct

solution thank you so much

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