The electron gain enthalpy (in kJ/mole) of F, O, N and C respectively are :

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`-328,+31,-141,-22``-328,-122,-141,+31``-328,+31,-121,-141``-328,-14,+31` and -122

Answer :
Solution :
`-328,-141,+31 and -122`.


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hello discussion is saying that the electron gain enthalpy in kilo joule per mole of chlorine oxygen nitrogen and carbon respect respectively a UFO options given we cannot find the exact value of this but we are we can compare to write so first of all what is the meaning of electron gain enthalpy first we will understand this let's say there is an atom is an element with take an electron and it become a minus the elect the energy which is released is equals to delta H and this energy is known as electron gain enthalpy Jain enthalpy and electron gain enthalpy is negative what does it mean if delta H is negative it mean is energy is releasing energy is releasing right

and what is the meaning of delta H positive integer is positive its main is we are providing it we are providing energy to give energy we will say we are giving energy giving energy drink right now let's start So English question first of all we have flori let me write down the all the elements fluorine oxygen nitrogen and carbon we have 4 atoms flooring oxygen nitrogen and carbon sunao festival we write the electronic configuration so it's this is fluorine it has Nine lives on this is one as 222 and 255 this is one as 2222 P4 this is

12222 P3 this is one as 22222 right now if you take one electron if this Lauren take one electron in this become a one electron will be increased so this will be to P6 so this electronic configuration will be come 182222 P6 now Shimla leave this world this one this can take electron than their electronic configuration will become this is 6 then this will be to p51s 2222 P5 and this will become one as 22 22 44 and this will become one as 22 X 22 P3 right now as we can see this is 2 P6 this is a fully filled P orbital this is a fully filled pure betalbatim

icing is this is a let's say this is a p orbital let me make it need and clean first of all this is our P orbital first of all this is orbital and electrons are feeling this in this pivotal there are 6 electrons 1234566 fully filled Aur Pyar beta so this is so this source table which means this will exert some energy this will release the manager so if this is releasing energy this is negative so these four of these are negative which is this for a person can be correct these for options are negatively affected right now we'll just talked about this carbonear tried so this is carbon this is a pure metal in this theoretical there are two electrons only so electrons are 1 and 2 and in this state when it took one electron then this is the

electrons in this P orbital so 1 2 and 3 so this is a half filled P orbital this is a half filled D orbital and if you know that half kilometre is a very stable state so this is also this is very stable so this will release the manager also negative so let's find out which options are having negative so this is for carbon carbon having this is negative and this is negative this is night is of which means of the number 20 wrong option so now let's talk about this nitrogen hair nitrogen this is to P3 which means in p orbital there are 3 electrons again 3 1 2 and 3 this is a very stable state now if it 2002 one electron in p orbital there will be for electron now so one two three and four

electrons are here so now this is become known table this is very stable so we have to give some energy to get electron for nitrogen we will provide it energy we will provide Samar G2 it will provide some energy energy to so this means if we are providing this will be positive select find out which option is having positive positive voltage source for nitrogen only this one is positive which may only this this is wrong and still be also the only this option is the correct option option madiza answer this is answer coaching best of luck and bye-bye

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