The average velocity of CO2 at the temperature T1K and maximum (most) proable velocity of CO2 at the temperature T2K is 9×104cms1. Calculate the values of T1 and T2.

Updated on:21/07/2023
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(i) In gaseous state, CO2 will exist between the points a and b at temperature T1.
(ii) At point b, the plot becomes linear, this show the phase transition, i.e., liquification of CO2 starts and at point c, it gets completely liquified.
(iii) Similarly, at temperature T2,g is the point at which CO2 will be completely liquified.
(iv) Condensation with not take place at T3 temperature because T3>Tc (critical temperature).
(v) Between b and c, liquid and gaseous CO2 are in equilibrium.

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