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Match the columns <br> <img sr...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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question given aril match the columns column is given a substance that dissolved in a solvent s s genius mixture of a solute in a solvent is organic farming port is a solution in which number solute candizole and 50s all spells Kollam to is a solution be solute Si preventing water pollution D water pollution saturated solution Asus unsaturated solution for the first column in maths with the second column for substance that dissolved in a solvent to a substance that dissolved in a solvent and solute be salute salute is a substance that is in the lower concentration and is dissolved in the solvent that is it is always medium so S is homogeneous mixture of a solvent in a solution homogeneous mixture is one in which the look and say the solute and solvent are present in there in a uniform composition and the solution is

so that is a solution to a solution that one is organic farming to organic farming is it is a practice in which it stops the polluted run of which is carried out by the or non organic farms that is harmful pesticides toxins and fertilizers to that is done by some organic farming practices and garden you can see during building solve soil organic matter and planting cover crop so they reduce the run of the polluted runoff and so that that is for the correct option here is that it prevents the water pollution have so far third one that is organic farming 80 preventing water pollution preventing water pollution third 1421 is a solution in which no more solute can be resolved to a solution and which would dissolve

solution of solute can be dissolved is known as saturated solution that is it so saturated solution is one in which we add a desired amount of solute and the maximum amount of solute it can be dissolved in a solvent to after that after point that point is known as saturated point to after that moment solute can be added and the solution is regarded as a separated solution contest for saturated solution and fifth is oil spills so oil spills are basically the release of liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment especially in the variety ecosystem are you consider what to do this is done by the human activity and it is a form of water pollution so the deal for 50 is the correct option that causes the oil spill causes water pollution water pollution to correct these are sofa first that is we salute for a homogeneous mixture

solution for organic farming is preventing water pollution for food that moment solute and it is always saturated solution and for all purposes water pollution that is correct answer

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