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Four moles of electrons were t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C
Solution : `H_(2)O rarr H_(2)+(1)/(2)O_(2)+2e^(-)` <br> `2H_(2)O rarr 2H_(2) +O_(2) +4e^(-)` <br> gases `[H_(2)+O_(2)] = 2 xx 22.4 +22.4 = 67.2`

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hello everyone here our question is 4 moles of electrons were transferred from An Ode to cathode in an experiment on electrolysis of water the total volume of gases dry at STP produced to win every approximately in l are so here see what happens during electrolysis of water during electrolysis of water it it gets broken into H2 + han 42 and he was how many electrons it involves two electrons ok but here in the question it has been said that 4 moles of electrons are transferred so we will multiply the whole equation with two ok Sudhar reaction will be now to H2O gives out to H2 + O2 + for electrons reason your 4 moles of

evolving first 4 moles of electronic 189 check out here how many moles total moles of gases are producing 2 moles of hydrogen gas and 1 mole of Oxygen total moles of gas is producing here are three modes and 1.4 litre at STP will be equivalent to 22.4 into 3 litre at STP after multiply with this will get 67.2 l this is your answer no check out the options 67.2 this is your correct answer ok thank you

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