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Consider a fuel cell supplied ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

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hello the question is considered a fuel cell supplied one mole of H2 gas and 10 mole of SO2 every fuel cell is operated at 93.6 96.3 a current how long will it deliver power so we have to calculate the time and their given that one Faraday is 96500 coulomb for mole of electrons so if you right to the reaction H2 + half O2 it gives how much to a red Sohail given that one mole of H2O gives one mole of H2 and 10 mole of O2 gas right so here we can see that the Earth is limiting reagent to is limiting reagent and the reaction is decided by the formation of H2 limiting reagent

one mole of H2 will get one mole of from one mole of H2 we get 1 mole of H2 at this limiting reagent decide the formation of product so One Mall from one mole of H2 we get we get 1 mole of H2O so Vinod that also be charged with what is equal to charge required that is Q is equal to 2 years and we know that I is given that is 96.3 ma 95963 sorry 96.3 ma we convert int into a tight 0.096 3 a light show and we know that the charge and relation cube is equal to it

from here we have to calculate time that is Kyon upon my so we put it here that time in second time in S so charges into Faraday that is 96500 net upon I that is you 10.09 33 we get 2 into 10 to the power 6 second so this is it time it deliver power thank you

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