Updated on:26/04/2023

Alpha decay of .23892U forms .23490Th. What kind of decay from .23490Th produces .23484Ac ?


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Iranian form Thorium what kind of decay from Thorium producing bacteria from your Thorium due to Alpha weekend in Alpha is the Helium which is true for given but when sodium it gives you the again in which has atomic mass number is the standard is atomic number these are the degrees which were given to type of decade there are 45 lakh to declare that they are Alpha decay beta your grammar positron emission and electron capture in Alpha their degrees in atomic number and atomic number is
dikhao and your degree is your mass number is increased by 4 and your atomic number decreases by to inverter your mass number get an paint it does not show any change your atomic number increases by both mass number and atomic number are unchanged in positron emission your mass number is unchanged and atomic number decreases by electron capture your mass number is an change and your atomic number decreases by and positron emission did Amazon offers on electronics in this Express
these two are things but the thing is that there will look at this this is unchanged unchanged but their atomic number is increasing decreasing from 9284 it is decreasing this can be positron emission or electron capture this both can be the answer but their positron emission is given that is your beta + right answer