A first order reaction is 50% complete in 20 minutes. What is its rate constant ?

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Solution :
`t_(1//2) = 20 min` <br> ` k= ( 0.693 )/( t_(1//2) ) = ( 0.693 )/( 20 ) = 0.03465 min""^(-1)`


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hello status in the question is a first order reaction reactions is 50% completes a 20 minutes what is its rate constant for 50 persons completing that was this time it will be called as we have a place of the reaction and converting the product is initially we can write the initial concentration of a is equal to a note that we know this because we know that a is equals to is equals to 1 of 2 / t half yearly English question that is equal to 20 minutes this value 0.693 and is given as 21 it will be 0.081 ko three times after that this is 4 times and 65 that much permanent because time is given at Superman

this question I hope you understand this concept thank you

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