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Class 11






Chemical Equilibrium


5 litre vessel contains 2 mole...

5 litre vessel contains 2 moles of each of gases A and B at equilibrium. If 1 mole each of A and B are removed. Calculate `K_(C)` for the reaction `A(g) iffB(g)`

Updated On: 27-06-2022


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Answer : 1


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hello everyone this question on this question 1 of 5 litre vessel contains two moles of each of the gas A and B at equilibrium also given in second case we are removing one mole of the gas and B we have to find the equilibrium constant KC for the reaction that is given is in equilibrium with me now first lovely write the reaction we are given with that is a is in equilibrium with be at equilibrium we are given in case one at equilibrium the number of moles of A and B are equal that is too and also be given the volume so the concentration will be we know that number of movies by Value so it will be 2 by 5 and 2 by 5 now write the expression for the Casey first case it will be the concentration of be the best automatic option that is 1 by the concentration of from here it will be 2 by 5 by 2 by 5 it will be one now we are given that

if one more Aarav S cases Case Number 21 Mall is removed their total to more so the remaining will be at equilibrium one and one in this case and divided by the volume to find the concentration it is 1715 so KC to will be consideration of B to the power 1 by concentration of a to the power that will be 1 by 5 by 1 by 5 from here also you will get the value of equilibrium constant is one now we know that this defect that equilibrium constant KC is independent of the concentration independent of the concentration so this is the value for HSC that will remain one independent of the concentration thank you so much


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