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For a gaseous reaction
equilibrium constants Kc,Kp and Kx are
Kc=[C]c[D]d[A]a[B]b,Kp=Pcc.PdDPaA/Pbb and Kx=xcC.xdDxaA.xbB
where [A] molar concentration of A,pA partial pressure of A and P total pressure, xA mole fraction of A
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(a) Kp=Kc(RT)Δng,Kx=Kp(RT)Δng


(b) Kc=Kc(RT)Δng,Kp=KxPΔng


(c) Kc=KxPΔng,Kp=KxPΔng


(d) Kc=Kp(RT)Δng,Kx=Kp(RT)Δng

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The correct Answer is:B


Step by step video & image solution for For a gaseous reaction aA(g)+bB(g)hArrcC(g)+dD(g) equilibrium constants K_(c),K_(p) and K_(x) are K_(c)=([C]^(c)[D]^(d))/([A]^(a)[B]^(b)),K_(p)=(Pc^(c).P_(D)^(d))/P_(A)^(a)//P_(b)^(b) and Kx=(x_(C)^(c).x_(D)^(d))/(x_(A)^(a).x_(B)^(b) where [A]rarr molar concentration of A,p_(A) rarr partial pressure of A and P rarr total pressure, x_(A) rarr mole fraction of A Select the write option by Chemistry experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 11 exams.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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