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Write one difference between b...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Write one difference between binary fission and budding.

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Text Solution

Solution : Difference between binary fission and budding : <br> `{:("Binary fission","Budding",),("Single-celles organisms reproduce by binary fission, where a cell divides into two haves and each rapidly grows into an adult e.g. Amoeba.","The division is unequal and small buds are produced that remain atteched initially to the parent cell which eventually get separated and mature e.g. Yeast.",):}`


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hello students read the question write what difference between binary fission and budding PR the mode of asexual reproduction and asexual reproduction properly binary fission and budding binary fission is basically a process in which a parent cell basically split into two two two daughter cells as in case of amoeba

is the art that the parent cell lost their identity of parents identity and identity occurs in case of binary fission in parents and the survived because it within a device is equal to out and out and out which is also is producer edition and the birthplace Arambol to Parent identity is not destroyed or Is Not Lost about

the binary fission that occurs the binary fission basically as binary fission is it ok to buy a budding yeast budding is that our order told you that binary fission there is no of parent identity whereas in budding and identity remains the same to which exists between binary fission and budding ke Sansad you question thank you


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