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Class 11






Anatomy Of Flowering Plants - Plant Tissues


Which one of the following sta...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Which one of the following statements pertaining to plant structure is correct?


Text Solution

cork lacks stomata, but lenticels carry out transpirationpassage cells help in transfer of food form cortex to phloemsieve tube elements possess cytoplasm but no nucleithe shoot apical meristem has a quiescent center

Answer : C


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Chapter NameAnatomy Of Flowering Plants - Plant Tissues
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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question is which one of the following statements pertaining to Plant Structure is correct options are complex to matter but lenticels carry out transpiration passive self help in YouTube elements Physics class 12 practical Meristem as a recent sent show the correct option for this tube elements is classic but you now receive elements map the major function of transporting sugars Google long distance but

acting is a channel now see velement have longest excels longest or along this cell painting see videos on the walls as they act as a channel no fever elements of sleep tube elements typically contain cytoplast but they lack

nuclear and Tekken 3 very few numbers of very few ribosome so this is the correct option Aisi tube elements present cytoplasm but no reply 9 letters describe the other options to select lactometer with length to carry out translation this scope plazzo matter with articles are also present in both but I don't carry out transpiration Bateria gaseous exchange now second appeal specific cells

help in transfer of food from Kotak to claim this option is also incorrect because these cells help in food today steel and steel is the central part of shoot apical Meristem have a Christian Centre this option is also interact because it is generally found in the roots at the root Technology answer this question what is a cute and centre tuition Centre is the centre in which is the phase in which cells 1 not dividing and if they are dividing the dividing very slowly

but in shoot apical Meristem shoes farishton secondary growth is present so this option is incorrect correct option to this creation is CPU balance for this site but no Nithya


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