What is ecosystem? Write about biotic components of ecosystem

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Ecosystem. It is a self-regulatory and .1f-sustaining structural and functional unit of biosphere (land scope) consisting of a community of living beings (Biotic) and their physical environment (abiotic) both interacting and exchanging materials between them. The term ecosystem was given by Transley in 1935.
Biotic Components of Ecosystem are :-
1. Producers. These are the organism which can synthesize their food using solar energy, carbon dioxide and water. All the green plants are the producers and they are also called as autotriumphs (self-nourishing). A variety of photosynthetic bacteria, chemosynthetic bacteria and photosynthetic protozoa also produce organic substances in terrestrial and aquatic habitats through in very small amounts. In deep aquatic ecosystem, floating plants called phytoplankton are the major autotrophs.
2. Consumers. .These are the organisms which cannot synthesize their food by themselves and so, they consume other organisms or their products for their food. All animals are consumers and they are also called as heterotrophs . A consumer which derives nutrition by eating plants is called prim, consumer or herbivore. The secondary consumer or carnivore is an animal that devours the flesh of herbivores or other animals.
3. Decomposers. These arc the organisms which decompose the dead bodies of plants and animals. These include micro-organisms like bacteria and fungi, which break the complex organic compounds in dead plants and animals into simpler substances. These are also called as sapnotrophs. Unlike consumers, the decomposers do not ingest their food. Instead, they release different enzymes from their bodies into the dead and decaying plant and animal remains. The extracellular digestion of the dead remains leads to the release of simpler inorganic substances which are then utilized by the decomposers.
Example. In nature, the plants are the only organisms which capture the sunlight. So, see can prepare their own food lautotrophs). Animals arc heterotrophs and so they consume the producers. On the death of heterotrophs, these are decomposed by the decomposers and ultimately return all the essential nutrients in the soil. These arc again taken by the plants to resynthesize their food

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