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How is 'stratification' repres...

How is 'stratification' represented in a forest ecosystem?

Video Solution: How is 'stratification' represented in a forest ecosystem?

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Stratification is the way in which different species in an ecosytem are placed or arranged in a habitat. It is a way of minimising competition for limited resoures, vital for survival. Vertical Stratification in a forest ecosystem is represnted by following parts of plants: <br> i) The herb layer. <br> ii) The shrub layer. <br> iii) The small tree layer. <br> iv) The canopy layer.


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QuestionHow is 'stratification' represented in a forest ecosystem?
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questions on how is stratification presented in a forest ecosystem or right so what do you mean by the term Ecosystem ecosystem comprises of biotic and abiotic factors it comprises of the biotic as well as the abiotic and interaction between the biotic and abiotic factors are the components of the ecosystem IT results into the physical structure structure of the ecosystem which is a characteristic of ecosystem what is the characteristic that is a physical structure and what do you mean by physical structure interaction between the biotic and abiotic community when I am going to identify identify the biotic and abiotic components and go to enlist them and list them then what will happen I will be able to attend

different species that are present and what and where the species are ok fine which level of the ecosystem the vertical distribution vertical distribution of the species in case of the ecosystem is known as the stratification to what do you mean by the term stratification it is the vertical distribution of different species that are the different levels in the ecosystem and what kind of sea levels for example for example if forest in case of the forest we have we have trees or right we have not only we have laws and told please Patni have certain shop we have sought and have we have small animals in the forest ecosystem it occupies the vertical status

vertically presented there are 30 and the help they present in the bottom of the core of forest ecosystem and the occupy the bottom level of the answer so bottom bottom level point they are also present on the bottom of the surface of the ecosystem they even they occupy the bottom level 2 via via via this if I am going to distribute different people have different level and volume class 11th in vertical or the bottom level then that strategy of Representation is known as we start a patient