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Organisms & Populations


Carrying capacity in equation ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Carrying capacity in equation (dN)/(dt)=rN[K-N/k] is :

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Answer : C

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Chapter NameOrganisms & Populations
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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AC is carrying capacity in equation this the equation given here reserve equation of a Logistic growth curve in Logistic growth curve equation we can see this growth curve on the situation was given by thermal per Logistic of all Logistic growth of this type of cloth is also known as renewal for Logistic growth of the carrying capacity which will represent the carrying capacity kids you are the carrying capacity presented by the ke OK what is represented by ki what is this case at presenting our carrying capacity carrying capacity

what is carrying capacity what happens in Logistic growth the resources are can say that resources are limited resources are limited now what happens in a nature a given Habitat a given Habitat in a calendar year has enough resources of this resource that but has enough resources to support this party can support a maximum possible number can support a maximum possible number on which day on which cloth is not possible what happens there is enough resources to support a maximum possible number but beyond this growth is not possible is not possible now

beyond the limit ok teachers leaving the beyond the nature of the m m limit where the growth is not possible and limit for the species ok this limit for that species for the specific species is known as the carrying capacity is known as carrying City special represented by key in the equation of a Logistic growth curve and so carrying capacity and equation is number 3 that is

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