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What is meant by space debris ? Why there is need to manage debris ?

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Management of space debris :
(1) Though very few countries in the world have the capability to launch satellites in orbit, the international cooperation and commercial prospects Due to failed launching , there are many satellites and parts of launchers, which are roaming freely in different orbits around the earth. In a way, they form space debris (fragments of satellites adn launchers) orbiting in uncontrolled manner. By an estimate there are about two crore small and large pieces of satllistes and launchers revolving around the earth.
(2) These debris certainly pose a threat to the current funcitonal satellites , space shuttles and space stations .
(3) if this collection of fragments remains unchecked and uncontrolled, it is likely to be riskly to all future launching of satellites. Research and dedicated efforts are on to find the means and ways of managing the space debris.