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What is dehydration of alcohols ? Give the chemical reaction showing dehydration of primary (1), secondary (2) and tertiary (3) alcohols.

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Removal of water from an alcohol is called dehydration of alcohol. Alcohols having a β-hydrogen is heated with dehydrating agents like concentrated H2SO4(orH3PO4orP2O5orAl2O3). The ease of dehydration of alcohols is in the following order :
tert-alcohol (3)> secondary (2)> primary (1)
(1) Primary (1) alcohol is dehydrated by heating it with 95%H2SO4 at 443 K.
(2) Secondary alcohol (2) is dehydrated by heating with 60%H2SO4 at 373 K.
(3) A tertiary alcohol can be easily dehydrated by heating with 20%H2SO4 at 363 K.

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