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Give classification of carbohydrates with examples.

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On the basis of their hydrolysis products , carbohydrates are classified as :
(1) Simple carbohydrates and (2) Comples carbohydrates.
(1) Simple carbohydrates : The simple carbohydrates cannot hydrolsed further to simpler compounds . They are the basic units of all carbohydrates , and are called monosaccharides . They are sugars which are crystalline , water soluble and have sweet taste.
Examples : glucose , fructose , ribose.
Monosaccharides are further classified as aldoses, containing an aldehyde group and ketoses , containing keto group . Depending upon number of carbon atoms and the functional groups , monosaccharides are further classified as triose , tetrose ,, pentose , hexose etc.
(2) Complex carbohydrates : The complex carbohydrates are further classified as (A) Oligosaccharides and (B) Polysaccharides.
(a) Oligosaccharides : An oligosaccharide is a carbohydrates (sugar) which on hydrolysis gives two to ten monosaccharide units.
Depending on the number of monosaccharides produced on hydrolysis , oligosaccharides are further classified as :
(1) Disaccharides (C12H22O11) :
Sucrose Hydrolysis−−−− Glucose + Fructose
Maltose Hydrolysis−−−− Glucose +Glucose
Lactose Hydrolysis−−−− Glucose + Galactose
(2) Trisaccharides (C18H32O16) :
Raffinose Hydrolysis−−−− Glucose + Fructose + Galactose
(3) Tetrasaccharides (C24H42O21):
Stachyose Hydrolysis−−−− Glucose + Fructose + Galactose + Galactose
Oligosaccharide is homogenous . In this , each molecule of oligosaccharide contains the same number of monosaccharide units joines together in the same order as very other molecule of the same oligosaccharide.
(b) Polysaccharides : These are carbohydrates which on hydrolysis give a large number of monosaccharides.
Polysaccharides are tasteless , amorphous , insoluble in water. They are long chain, naturally occuring polymers of carbohydrates.
E.g., cellulose, starch , glycogen.