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Explain entropy and spontaneity of the process.

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(1) The spontaneous process results in disorders, hence increase in
entropy (S>0).
(2) The spontaneous process takes place with the decrease in free
energy (G<0).
(3) There are sone spontaneous processes which take place with a
decrease in entropy. For example. neutralisation reaction,
(4) From second law of thermodynamics, the entropy of the system
and its surropundings increases in the spontaneous process.
(5) To decide the sponntaneity of a process or a reaction it is
essential to consider the entropy of both, the system and the
(6) Hence,
(a) For spontaneous process: Stotal=Ssystem+Ssurr>0
(b) For non-spontaneous process : Stotal=Ssystem+Ssurr<0
(c) For the process at equilibrium : Stotal=Ssystem+Ssurr=0

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