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Write a note on isotonic solution.

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The solutions having the same osmotic pressure at a given
temperature are called isotonic solutiones.
Explanation : If two solutions of substances A and B contain nA
and nB moles dissolced in volume V (in dm3) of the solutions, then their
concentrations are,
CA=nAV(in mol dm3)andCB=nBV(in mol dm3)
If the absolute temperature of both the solutions is T, then by
the van't Hoff equation,
πA=CARTandπB=CBRT, where πAandπB are their osmotic
For the isotonic solutions,
Hence, equal voumes of the isotonic solutions at the same temperature will contain equal number of moles (hence, equal number
of molecules ) of the substances.
If the two solutions contain WA gram and WB gram of the
substances having molecular weights MAandMB then,
nA=WAMA moles and nB=WBMB moles.
Hence, for the isotonic solutions, WAMA=WBMB.
This relation can be used to determine the molecular masses of the

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